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Prevention: The Proper Solution for Alcohol Related Harm on Campus Introduction: Every year a new class of incoming freshman come to the Cornell University campus. Many students may be away from home for the first time in their life. This newfound independence comes with just as much responsibility. A common concern for all of the student’s parents is the safety of their child. College is notorious for its party scene and binge drinking, and an alarming amount of injuries and deaths occur every single year. Most of those injured do not realize the dangers that can result from an excessive consumption of alcohol until it is too late. That is why prevention programs should be implemented at Cornell University to help prevent future alcohol related injury on campus. The Problem:…show more content…
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reports that about four out of five college students drink alcohol and, of those students who drink, about 50% of them will do so in the form of binge drinking. ("College Drinking.") This fact alone may not be so scary, but the consequences that can follow are much worse. NIAAA points out that consequences of consuming alcohol include: academic problems, assault, sexual abuse, injury and even death. About 25% of students report struggling academically as a result of their drinking. More than 690,000 college students are assaulted by a student who is under the influence of alcohol, more than 97,000 of these assaults fall under sexual assault or date rape. An alarming 599,000 college students are injured after drinking and 1,825 college students die from their alcohol-related injuries. ("College Drinking.") These facts are reported by the NIAAA and they are indicators of annual trends. The abuse of alcohol can end tragically and that is why Cornell must prevent as many of these consequences as

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