Why Socrates Was Not Guilty

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Since ancient times people have been judged in a wrong way, philosophers have been killed for their ideas. There is a philosopher in particular who I want to talk about. I am talking about Socrates, Socrates was a Greek philosopher of Athens(469-399 B.C.) Socrates was considered the wisest man. In his old age Socrates start being more present in things happening in Athens. Socrates talked to young about what he believed, he make them more wise and teach them for the better. However there was some powerful people who was affected by this so Socrates was wanted dead. Socrates was not guilty because he never said he was an atheist and he is accused of it, he never corrupted the youth, and he was just condemned by a corrupt judge who was in favor of the powerful and since Socrates was affecting them by teaching the truth to the young they were killed. Socrates is charged about being an Atheist, but Socrates just admitted to no believing in the God´s of Athens., but he said that he live his life by the words of…show more content…
Socrates just was condemned by a corrupt jury who want him dead. Socrates was killed because he made some powerful people angry so they decide to kill him. We can see this when Socrates tells that some of his followers that he had on the past where on the trial, and he asked them to rise and be heard. None stand up, this shows that Socrates is in fact telling the truth and that they are afraid of being ridiculed by Socrates. Socrates was an innocent man, he was just judged because some people did not share his beliefs and it seem that they were affected by it. I want to show you a quote from Plato. “The difficulty, my friends, is not to avoid death, but to avoid unrighteousness; for that runs faster than death.” (Reading From the Apology, 1) This quote clearly shows us that Plato also knows that Socrates was being judged unrightfully. Socrates was innocent and he did´t deserved
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