Socrates In Plato's Crito

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In life, sometimes people are taught many different ways to do things, form diverse perspectives and make informed decisions. Some of the decisions can be influenced by values, morals, beliefs, religion, experiences, families and the world in which one lives. All of these factors can support and influence each individual’s principles. In Plato’s Crito, a dialogue is captured between Crito and Socrates about his escape from prison. In his writings, Crito discusses his reasons and thoughts why Socrates should escape his fate. On the flip side, Socrates provides just as many reasons he should stay in prison even though it was unjust. After reading Plato’s Crito, he is full of opinions why Socrates should not stay in prison due the unjust situation.…show more content…
First, Socrates shares that he has had a happy and full seventy years of Athenian life. He feels that it would be odd to fear death at his age. Socrates argues that while the verdict of guilty was wrong, the process was followed and must be upheld. Socrates is a firm believer in doing the right things, and has strong moral beliefs. He does not think anybody is above anybody. Both the laws, binding in their entirety, and the city could be destroyed, if he escaped. Critos’ arguments do not help Socrates think any differently, as his beliefs are solid. Socrates believes everybody should be held accountable for what they and should not be above the law. Socrates has gone his whole life abiding the rules of the world and supporting his beliefs, so why start going against them…show more content…
As Socrates states in the reading, "We must examine whether it is just for me to try to get out of here." He does not let peoples’ ideas overshoot his beliefs. If one has a statement they was to introduce to him, he will listen to it, but not just agree with it to the fact that someone else agrees with it. He will evaluate it and make sure that it’s the right choice and the just thing to do. "If it is seen to be just, we will try to do so." Socrates thinks if it is just for him to escape from prison, he will, but until he reviews all key points he will not act upon someone's request. Socrates decides to stay in prison due to how unjust it would be to escape. Socrates thinks it would be unjust because it would be a slap in the face and disrespectful to people in charge and the surrounding people. Crito thinks it is just for Socrates to escape because he is in prison for no reason. Socrates states to Crito, that if he were to get caught escaping from prison, it would not only be embarrassing and disrespectful to him, but also his family. Socrates believes if you are given something you deserve it and have to own up to your actions. He would rather accept his consequences, then to drag others into it with him. This helps show you what kind of person Socrates is and why he believes it’s unjust to escape from the

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