How Is Socrates Humble Or Proud

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3 Is Socrates humble or proud? Socrates is humble. His humbleness is shown starting in lines 17d when he says, “this is the first time I've appeared before a law court….So the language of this place is totally foreign to me. Now, if I were really a foreigner, you'd certainly forgive me if I spoke in the accents and manner in which I'd been raised. So now, too, I'm asking you, justly it seems to me, to overlook my manner of speaking”. Here he is stating that he does not know the terms used in the court system and therefore asks for patience when he is giving arguing against the charges brought against him. 5. Why is it a point of honor with Socrates that he was never compensated for his teaching? It is a point of honor with Socrates that he was never compensated for his teachings because he believed that those who were paid for teaching corrupted the young unlike himself. Starting in lines 33a, Socrates declares that he has never been anyone’s teacher and “Neither do I engage in conversation only when I receive a fee and not when I don't. Rather, I offer myself for questioning to rich and poor alike”. By saying this, Socrates is proving the point that all people get to engage in conversation with him and possibly learn something from their discussion. 7 Who does Socrates believe is capable of educating the young?…show more content…
He believes that these sophists are “dangerous accusers since the people who hear them believe that those who investigate such things do not acknowledge the gods either”. These sophists then use this false knowledge to teach the young. Socrates notices this sort of pattern in when he comments, “Besides, they also spoke to you at that age when you would most readily believe them, when some of you were children or young boys. Thus they simply won their case by default, as there was no

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