Did Socrates Live A Good Life Essay

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Socrates spend his life trying to convince people to live a good live. Since that time when Greece was at its golden age, Socrates was thinking on how to let the people of Athens to live a good life. More importantly, he attempted the people of Athens in many ways, but the one he did the most is to be mortal individuals. Socrates was accused by many people through out his life. One of the reasons is being a sophist, which means to make a weaker argument the stronger. However, it is possible to say that Socrates have some influence nowadays on our lives. In fact, I believe Socrates tried to push us to live a good and kind life that is far from injustice. Especially, from those whom are high officials who control lower class people. Unfortunately,…show more content…
It reached to the point that these philosophers fought Socrates for him views at what the good life is. Occasionally, some particular people started not to give any attention to these philosophers, who accused Socrates. They did not have any point to prove what means to live a good life. Since some of them are high official and take advantage of their positions. Therefore, Socrates first attempt to the people of Athens was by asking, ”What is the good life?” He was questioning a simple question to the normal standard people. Socrates started to become popular, and some young crowd liked him. However, Socrates mentions in his apology, “An unexamined life is not worth living?” (Apology 38a). That clarifies what he means to what to do to live a good life? The majority of Athenians started to like Socrates by saying that he was the wisest man of Athens. His response was nothing but saying the Oracle of Delphi was not the wisest. In fact, he insists that the Oracle was wrong and he did not believe him as a god (Socrates and The Oracle of Delphi.” PBS). His statement offended many Athenians, particularly those who thought they had more knowledge than Socrates such as those the

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