Parental Involvement In Education

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Introduction In the recent years, there has been a greater focus regarding the involvement of parents in the education of their children. It is necessary to understand the role of parents and its impact on the learning outcomes and achievements of children. The involvement of parents serves as a major resource of academic, psychological and social development of their children. The earlier the involvement, the more powerful is its impact on the development of children. Furthermore, it also leads to higher graduation rates, increased motivation, lesser scope for suspensions and fair school attendance. As children reach their teenage, most of the parents find it had to sustain the involvement they have been exerting on their children since childhood.…show more content…
Since parents are the first teacher of a child, they play a major role in the motivation and academic achievements of their children. Cripps and Zyromski (2010) also explain the importance of parental involvement in the adolescent years in achieving academic success and wellbeing of the children. Similarly, in another article titled “Scholars: Parent-School Ties Should Shift in Teen Years,” Viadero (2009) evaluates the role played by parents and teachers in assessing the changes of their children during the adolescent years. Viadero (2009) advises the parents to spend ample amount of time in monitoring their children’s class work rather than neglecting their needs. The author asserts the importance of communication in maintaining a cordial relationship between the parents and…show more content…
The findings of the research study would suggest the perceptions of parental involvement in influencing the academic achievements of their children. The data also demonstrates the differences in parental involvement as the sample includes parents and students belonging to diverse backgrounds. Most importantly, the research involves the opinions of the students as to how they rate their parents’ involvement in their education, which in turn plays a great role in assessing the backgrounds of parents. The results of the research are entirely reliant on the questionnaire developed to narrow the

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