Essay On Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In School

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“43% of all teens who cell phone policy is no cell phones in class, take their phones to school and say they text in class at least once a day or even more than that.” States the article called “Teens and Mobile Phones”. Many schools are thinking about making a rule about if they should allow or not allow cell phones in the classroom or at school. Although they can be a really useful tool in class, the school should not allow cell phones in the classroom because they can be distracting to students, during test students can cheat with them, and can act as an easier way to cyberbully. Cell Phones are a distraction in the classroom and they can cause a student not focus on the task that is on hand which can lower their school performance. The article called “As Schools Lift Bans on Cell Phones, Educators Weigh Pros and Cons” Becky Dieffenbach’s “ [Cell phones] just becomes a source of distraction for some students, because no matter how many times you…show more content…
The article “One Third of Teens Use Cell Phones to Cheat in School” Madeline Jones states “For regular in-class exams, sneaky students can easily take advantage of the iPhone and its wireless Internet access(web),” as one of her classmates typically did. This means that without the cell phones in class students can’t cheat with them. Many kids get away with this so therefore we ban cell phones in the classroom. In the same article states that if teachers “hold open discussions, issue warnings, and present guidelines” for assignments, quizzes, and test, students will be more hesitant on cheating. Meaning that with the better teaching methods and making sure that the student understands the topic it wouldn't lead to them cheating. Without having cell phones in class they won't get distracted because a new YouTube video was uploaded and will make them focus on classwork and knowing how and what is the test and or

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