Essay On Self Confidence

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Core values are the important principles of a person or a society. These are the beliefs that guide and influence a person’s behavior. These give a sense of purpose to a person. When one connects with his or her values on a daily basis, they feel more fulfilled and content because they are being led from what's important to them. When these values are not incorporated in one’s life, he or she may be unmotivated about their daily lives, which can reflect in their leadership (Loehr, 2014). Core values are important because these help a person in being aware of oneself, setting goals, decision-making, communicating, and understanding and managing emotions (West, 2015). Self-confidence refers to the attitude that a person has towards oneself. It revolves in many different concepts; one of these is the belief in one’s skills and abilities. It also refers to one’s strategy towards tackling situations successfully (Goel and Aggarwal, 2012). It is an important part of…show more content…
Confidence can increase when a goal is identified and accomplished well (Roff, 2011). Several studies have shown connections between the core values of the institution and self-confidence such as the studies of Al-Hebaish and that of Greenacre et al. as well. Self-confidence was found out to be correlating positively on a person’s academic performance. It was also stated that the participants' level of general self-confidence was an important predictor for academic achievement (Al-Hebaish, 2012). It was found out that people with low self-confidence tend to view themselves as subordinates and mimic other people's behavior to make them feel accepted in a group, and people with high self-confidence are more likely leaders than people with low self-esteem. The results of the study have shown that people with high self-confidence tend to influence others more in making decisions (Greenacre, Tung, & Chapman,
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