Star Trek Argumentative Analysis

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In the year of 1966, a groundbreaking motion picture film called Star Trek came out. In this movie, the incredibly advanced people used communication device that could reach others, without a cord or wire. This was a Science Fiction movie, in the time period of 2364, almost exactly 300 years from the year it came out. This communication device showed the first version if the “cellular phone.” Today, the cell phones used in that movie would have been laughed at by the average teenager, for being too primitive. In the year 2015, present day, even tiny children own their personal cell phones. These pieces of advanced technology are used everywhere, especially in middle schools. There has been an ongoing debated on this topic. In spite of that,…show more content…
Teachers don’t realize that these “devices” are actually one of the best and most manageable to use reference tools. They are equipped with calculators, dictionaries, thesauri, and even apps that help with finding rhymes! It’s like magic what these phones can do! Additionally, they are not called handhelds for no reason. The fact that it is possible to have an enormous book compressed into a small, pocket sized gadget is baffling. What’s more is that they are significantly lighter than gargantuan reference books, and searching makes finding words instantaneous. In any way, shape, or form, phones are the ultimate reference…show more content…
From playing games, to texting their friends and family out of boredom, these young scholars are getting into a bad habit of avidly using their phones at all times. In the rare event of an emergency, these phones could be used, but there is barely a one percent chance of that happening! These phones are making the future generation more empty-headed, and hurting more than they are helping. Although this presents a valid contradiction, the pros of using a cell phone in school heavily outweigh the cons. In fact, to prevent this recently discovered technology from doing any harm, all schools need to do is tighten up security. All young scholars know that if the punishment is greater than the reward, don’t do it! This is a classic risk vs. reward situation. In addition to this, the penalty for having a phone out in class should be getting the phones taken away, getting a lunch detention, and a slip to the parents. If the student doesn’t learn his or her lesson, on the second incident, they would have to write a three paragraph essay about why they should not be using their phones. This would be graded and read by their parents. On the third time, there should be a Saturday detention and the same essay, but this time handwritten in pen, and only 5 mistakes are allowed to be crossed out. This sounds exceedingly harsh, almost like getting a mental beating, but it is necessary to show the

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