The Importance Of Cellphones In Class

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John is writing a paper about the Civil War for History class, but he needs to look up a fact about the Battle of Gettysburg. He has two options, spend twenty minutes looking in and encyclopedia, or spend fifteen seconds looking on Google for an answer. In today's world, the large majority of students walking through the doors of a middle school have a cell phone in their pocket. But what happens when teachers and principals take away student's ability to use them? Although some students could get distracted by cell phones, they should be able to use them in class because they have numerous educational tools on them, they allow for students to effectively communicate, and they help calm students. Cell phones have numerous amounts of educational resources available on them. Imagine that you're a student in class and you need to look something up for a project you are working on, instead of getting out a…show more content…
Smartphones have tools that can help reduce stress. Such as a student can listen to calming music or and audio meditation before a test to calm them down. Or they can set a reminder to turn in their homework once they get to science class. Even though there are other ways to keep the students calm in class, why not use something they already have on them? "Some people get panic attacks when they are not with their phones," said Michael Carr-Gregg, an adolescent psychologist working in Melbourne. "Others become very anxious and make all endeavors to locate the mobile phone. I have clients who abstain from school or their part-time jobs to look for their phones when they cannot find them in the morning." Weather or not that having their phones on them calms people is a good thing, it is still a fact that people that if students don't have their phones on them, they are more stressed. This suggests that when students are stressed, they are more likely not be as focused in class an on their
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