Reflective Essay On Interpersonal Communication

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For my interpersonal communication graded project retake I decided to continue with my written project because I omitted essential requirements required to successfully complete the project. After understanding fully the requirements of the project I decided to reengage on a one to one conversation with my manager with whom we share a cordial working relationship. The second conversation was with my work colleague who is close a friend. The conversation I had with my manager took place in his office on the 4th of March 2015 from 0900 hours to 1000 hours and the conversation I had with my work colleague took place in the office lounge during lunch hour and the conversation lasted about thirty minutes. The topic of the conversation with my manager…show more content…
I need to put extra effort practically to improve on my non verbal skills so that I communicate well with others. The failure to maintain eye contact with my manager may have indicated that I was not concentrating on the content of the conversation. In order to improve on this skill, I need to observe and learn on the way other people use their eyes and the messages they send through their facial expressions, make time to watch videotape of a movie or a television show with the volume turned off and see if I can determine what people are saying, thinking and feeling by just watching the facial expressions and check myself if I got the skills correct when the volume is turned on. My posture need to be worked on I have identified that my sitting position may signal low self esteem. To improve my posture I need to catch myself in a mirror as I go through my day to day activities furthermore, I need to arrange with colleagues to be videotaped so that I can observe and correct my posture. I have also observed that I need to practice more on mirroring so to improve my interest with other people and to reassure others of my interest in them and what they are saying. I also noticed that I am easily distracted and to improve on this weakness l need to contentious myself the importants of every conversations that I encounter. I have drawn up a log sheet

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