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As a child, I didn’t see technology as something I “needed”, but as I grew older it seemed to become a necessity rather then something fun to look forward to. I believe I am able to see the difference between then and now because I have a sister, whose 11, that was born into this generation of technology. The things I saw as cool growing up isn’t really considered cool now. When socializing was done face-to-face and being connected to your fundamentals was important. I believe media has a huge role in making people change the way they think. Things needed to be more thought out and wasn’t always at my fingertips and usually it was revolved around what kind of phone you have. I’ve seen such a drastic change in the past decade it’s crazy. When I was 11 years old I didn’t have a smartphone. I did, in fact. get my first cell phone when I was 11. Nothing special, just a Nextel phone, which was pretty cool considering I could use it was a walkie-talkie to talk to my parents. Though I didn’t use it for texting purposes or to…show more content…
In 7th grade we were given a laptop to use from the school to use for school. The purpose of these laptops were so we could do research and write papers. They were given to use as a tool, not a doorway to socializing. This seemed to be the year I started seeing technology as a necessity. We would use websites like meebo or AIM to instant message our friends, since there was no service in school and the phones were way to bulky to be sneaky with. We were using the computers to learn, but because socializing was becoming so important it started to become a distraction. Almost like a habit. I needed to be on the computer JUST IN CASE the person I wanted to talk to was online. I had begun to replace my home phone and cell phone with the Internet. I no longer needed to verbally talk to my friends because it became more convenient to use the

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