My Goals In High School

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High school. A place of education where elementary and middle school culminate into grades 9-12. A place where dreams are born, friends are made and priorities somewhat sorted out. High school is something that could make or break someone's future, or at least that was the advice I received going into this new mess of people. This could also have been a shove into the direction of finishing my homework on time and participating in everything that made high school the best four years of an adolescent's life. My opinion is not of superior thinking, however, I do believe my thoughts are particularly accurate, so I will do my best to summarize this current part of my life. Occasionally, past details and future goals may be discussed, but my focus…show more content…
And the actions I am currently taking to reach said goals. I traveled to Iceland in May of my eighth-grade year, and although this doesn’t seem like it is attached to my goals and future, let me explain. Up until that week long trip, I was a very home bodied kid. I liked to travel but only with relatives. I enjoyed sleepovers at friends houses, but I always missed my favorite hot cocoa mug and fuzzy blanket. My hopes and dreams were comprised of staying near home and working at a small business. I have grown older, wiser per say. My goals have expanded quite a bit, on a larger scale I want to study abroad at Cambridge University and travel all around the Nordic countries. For my present academic goals, I simply hope to set myself up for success with my future goals. To me, this means getting grades of B+ or higher, staying in my extracurriculars, such as FFA, and HOSA, and running varsity for cross country and track. These are my lifetime and academic goals. An objective I have not discussed would be my personal goals. I believe that in order to triumph over my goals, I must be mentally ready also. I want to feel healthy and in control of my life at all times. I hope to keep stress under control, maintain steady friendships, and grow as a person through any adversity I may face. A final thought I should include pertains to the reality of these goals. At all times I want to keep my plans in mind. I desire to become a better person because of these goals, and therefore I must allow for fall-outs. Actions and words said may not pan out how I want, and my final problem to overcome is just that. Overcoming hardship and flourishing despite the

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