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Film is an art of conveying messages, to show issues and histories. The first film was recorded in 1878 in France that was of a running horse that was of few seconds. After that numerous movies are made that are providing lot of jobs to artists and others. The movie I like to write on is the ‘Interstellar’. It is one of the confusing movies made by Nolan. The messages this movie trying to convey is to never give up, love and the need to find another planets. This movie is based on the scientific calculations and some theories, famous one Albert Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’. There is a Farmer naming Joseph Cooper, who is a widowed, former NASA pilot and have two children his daughter Murphy and his son Tom. His Father-in-Law lives with…show more content…
The entire humanity is facing big problem of dust storms. The dust storms damage their crops every year.…show more content…
Due to which disaster rate is increased as compared to 100-200 years ago. In the history there were dust storms in America in 1930s which damaged the ecology and crops of America and Canada. This killed lots of animals because it killed all the greenery and there was nothing for animals to eat. The reason for the storms was the humans experiments on soil. The same issue Nolan tried to show in the movie that how humans were affected those days. There was no food to eat and so many people have to leave their jobs. Those days are also called bad 30’s. Many families had to migrate from their farms to find food and jobs. In that time more than 500,000 Americans had to left their homeland they all became homeless and unemployed. Nolan gave a view of future. He showed the future of earth if humans continuous to do evil things. If the dust storm like disasters comes all over the world, where humans will go? What will they eat during food scarcity and droughts? His main point is that earth resources will die one day. Humans have to migrate to other planets one

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