Similarities Between Han Fei And Confucius

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The theory of the two great philosophers Han Fei and Confucius developed their base point theories for their ancestor that should be governed to civilization, their values, and the odds that they have for one another. There have been historical values that they have changed the way they think in the world today. They were philosophers who viewed the world in a different way for their theories, ethics, and logic. They don’t look at white as been white or black as been black they looked at things in a different point of view there are philosophers that see color in between. The Han Fei created the first unified Chinese empire in there genealogy. The Han Fei believed that the nature of immanently and proclamation through laws with punishment could the government of trust worthiness and steadiness. Because the emperor feared for the people and the inherent advantage established with the instruction of Confucius, they command all to the government including their families. For minor offenses and trustworthy Han Fei has contributed to the down fall of the families.…show more content…
Their appearance was rarely signs of goodness and believed one should avoid their ability which would produce a false imagination and lead to self-praising. The Han Fei certainly did sound interesting, but life outside was not the same as you have seen. The men did seem to have power over the women, because that's part of the Confucianism theory. When their husbands were at work, it's the women who cared for their children and other household

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