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e Aphrodite of Cnidus (Knidos) is considered one of the greatest achievements created by the talented Greek sculptor, Praxiteles. This statue was the first monumental female nude in sculpture dating 350 BC. This brilliant Greek sculpture was made of Parian marble; it represents beauty in a revealing but modest way. Aphrodite is unclothed, holding her covering over a vase with one hand and her right hand is modestly covering her genital area. It is believed that the Aphrodite of Cnidus was transported to Byzantium where it was destroyed along with other Greek Art. Currently there are hundreds of copies that have been made of this sculpture including the Capitoline Venus and Aphrodite of Menophantos. I found and learned about this captivating sculpture from Penelope.uchicago.edu on the 19 of January 2015.…show more content…
Praxiteles portrayal of Aphrodite challenged the previous norm of the other Greek sculptures. It was produced soon after the new canon had been produced by Lysippus, a well known sculptor, changing the standard height of the male form to around eight “heads” tall instead of the previous height of six to seven “heads” tall. The dimensionality of the Aphrodite of Cnidus is pretty big, she is 6ft 8in. She is equal in size to the other Greek Gods, suggesting the equality of power between male and female. Her bare form does a great deal to represent humanism. Aphrodite is a goddess, however, she is being portrayed as human, hinting at the softness of the skin, her distinct hairline, her very modest but revealing pose, and her humanistic nature of hygiene (bathing). This sculpture is of Aphrodite as she prepares to bathe. With her left hand she is dangling her clothes over the water jug for her bath. Her right hand is then modestly places over her pubic area creating a sense of privacy. Some historians believe that Aphrodite had to keep her clothing near to her in case someone were to walk in on her she could cover herself

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