American Absolutism Pros And Cons

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Absolutism, is a political system in which there is no legal, customary, or moral limit on the government's power. The term is generally applied to political systems ruled by a single dictator, but it can also be applied to seemingly democratic systems that grant sweeping powers to the legislature or executive. Throughout time, the political systems with absolutism became more popular; however they were not politically correct in society. In the form of absolutism, a ruler controls over the government and the lives of the people. This ruler did not have to abide to laws or ways of life; it is all based on what they felt. Some societies may benefit from this form of government, much like the Germans did at first. But in my opinion, giving one person too much power is a bad idea. It may seem like a good idea at first, but in the long run, as history shows, the societies end up getting destroyed or damaged.…show more content…
Average peasants were treated poorly during this type of political system. It provided little if any opportunities and made the average person in the society live in poverty. Those who were already thriving continued to thrive, but those underneath did not many chances to make a living in the nation. Many were forced to leave the nation or be forced into living in poverty. The political and economic systems were set up to favor those with money, since those in the throne were normally wealthy. This ensured the wealthy portion of the nation would prosper. By giving more money to those who were already wealthy, those who were middle class or already in a bad financial situation were forced into poverty where living was hard. The King or Queen did not favor those who actually required the money to survive. It soon became impossible for those at the bottom of the period to make money, find jobs, and support families. The use of absolutism led to the destruction of many lives in society throughout

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