Charlie Gordon's 'Flowers For Algernon'

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The average human beings search for happiness to fulfill their dreams. “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel keyes exemplifies how you should go after your dreams and to be happy. Charlie Gordon a 37 year old who's mentally challenged. The experiment game him the opportunity to feel and experience intelligence. This experiment will change his life in many ways. With his intelligence he felt the emotion of love, awareness of how people treat mentally challenged people. An advantage of this experiment was he shown the emotion of love. Charlie gordon never went threw the emotion of love until the experiment. He was trapped in a 9 year old body and thought the there was no such thing as love. “I don’t understand how beautiful Miss Kinnian is.” Every time charlie see Miss Kinnian he thinks how lovely she is. Charlie felt amazing and happy when he felt his emotion of love,it was his first time. As a result to this experiment Charlie was able to to find his intelligence and help people just like him. His happiness made him feel great and so happy that he got another chance.…show more content…
Even though it wasn't permanent he saw how cruel and mean the people are to the mentally challenged. Now because he got the experiment he knows what to expect and how people will be to him. “i'm going someplace where no one knew who Charlie Gordon was when he was genus.” He is happy he's leaving because he knows what to see from the cruel people in the world. Charlie wants to leave because he doesn't want anyone to be sad for him. The main point of this is he doesn't want anyone to be sorry for him he wants everyone to be happy like him. Also with his new awareness he will be fine in the world because he knows what people will do and how people will
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