Nancy Hart's War

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Nancy Hart Do you know the interesting story of Nancy Hart? Do you know of such an interesting and brave women? Listening to the heart pounding and blood rushing story of Nancy Hart will open your eyes to encouraging women everywhere. ` Nancy Hart chose to be in the war because she had an amazing aim and was an amazing spy. Even though nancy was cross eyed she still managed to hit her target every time.Nancy’s part in the war was that she would dress up as a spy and sneak into enemy camps and collect information and come back and return information to inform everyone about what was going on. Nancy Hart has a fiery temper, never hesitated, and was fearless and brave. Nancy Hart grew up very strong and muscle. She is a redhead with blue eyes and they also happened to be crossed,but still she had that best shot anyone had ever seen in their life.…show more content…
They demanded information out of her. Stopped at her farm where the whig leader had once been. But Nancy denied ever seeing anyone there. Automatically they knew that she was not being truthful. So one of the Tories SHOT her prized turkey and demanded her to cook it. They entered her cabin and stacked all of their weapons in the corner and demanded her to bring them something to drink. So nancy brought them some red wine. Then Nancy ordered her daughter to go and get a pail of water down from the pond. But she secretly told her daughter to blow the conch shell that they hid in a stump by the pond to warn the neighbors that the Tories were coming. While Nancy served her unwelcomed guests passing between them and their weapons, she began to pass their muskets through a hole in the wall to her daughter who had slipped outside to the end of the

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