Why Is Social Media Bad

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Social Media is an open portal for all of the bad things in the world. People might think its the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality Social media is the cause of lots of the bad incidents and has to be taken away before it's to late. Using social media has a NEGATIVE influence for everyone and has to be avoided immediately! First of all, social media needs to be taken away because it is one of the main causes of suicide and its mostly kids who are losing theirs lives. For example, in the website Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?, states that “Research shows that social media can help prevent suicide. Facebook is in a unique position to connect people in distress with resources that can help.” Suicide can…show more content…
With facebook, instagram, and twitter are huge examples of why social media is bad. The social media platforms can cause drama with parents and kids. For example in the database “SIRS knowledge source”, it states that “The deactivation of President Donald Trump's twitter account by a rogue employee was the most public sign yet that twitter’s greatest star can also cause the company great headaches.” This is important because Donald Trump is causing stress for everyone on and not on twitter. Twitter is a huge social media program that has lot of bad drama. Donald trump causes lots of that drama, even by saying 3 words that can make lots of people mad and angry. Sometimes his words or statements can go to far and can lead to a huge agreement that invoke with politics. This isn't only on Twitter, Facebook does the same thing. When someone famous says something others don’t like but some do, people start fights and makes the person who wrote that statement looks bad, which everyone wants everyone on their side. Without social media, there wouldn't be any drama from Trump and other people on any social media platform. In conclusion, every social media program are cause of drama. Drama is something that lots of people don’t like and without those social media apps, then lots of drama today Wouldn't be such as
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