Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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According to the study conducted at Royal Society for Public Health,“Social media and networking websites can be more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol.” Social media has greatly affected young people’s mental health and wellbeing in issues such as anxiety and depression, between the age of 14 and 24. Eliminating social media for younger people can help your loved ones with their self-confidence and intelligence for the future. Today, I am going to discuss the reasons why kids under the age of fourteen should not have access to social media and certain apps. With this speech, hopefully you will change your mind about social media and be more aware of the potential effects that is at risk when using it. First and foremost, social media can…show more content…
We need to protect teens from violent users on social media and ban it from kids under 14 overall. Some may not realize, but social media can cause a lot of damage to not only your body, but your life and safety. The opposition on this topic will tell you that social media offers important educational value and can benefit children by connecting with others, however, they are wrong. As I said earlier, from “Social Media Statistics” (GuardChild), 88% of teens have at least seen or heard someone be mean or hurtful to another person on social media. Social media causes a bigger risk of bullying, inappropriate content or messages, and a huge affect on the brain’s intelligence, which can cause many issues later in the future. Again, teens and young adults should not have access to social media at the ages of 14 and younger. This would not only prevent cyberbullying (any online bullying), but it would also help keep your friends and family save, and your child even

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