Essay On How To Meet New People

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Why go out and meet new people, get on facebook and meet someone from a whole other state. Why watch the news anymore if something has happened, twitter’s already blowing up about it? Why call someone to catch up, check their instagram. Why ask people questions to try and get to know someone? Their profile page has everything down to what their cats name was when they were twelve years old. Why do any of these things, when it’s so easy to just go on twitter, facebook, snapchat, or instagram and get results in a matter of minutes. That’s the thing, social media is so quick and convenient, maybe a little too much. This is the cause for the phenomenon today. Therefore, it has helped us and hurt us in many ways. We can now meet new people, but become distant to the one’s we already know. Social media is so convenient to our lives, how long till it starts to take over our lives. It’s easier to catch up with long lost friends due to their profiles on social media, but how many profiles out there are just trying to show off…show more content…
Almost everyone has a smartphone, and most people with smartphones have social media. I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to California, go out and meet new people there. I think I am already following ten people on twitter who live in California. Send them a quick direct message and instantly create a relationship with someone who lives there. Something that would take days to do, I’ve done in an hour. Meeting new people is always fun, but it’s important to remember the people that’s already in our lives. I could spend all day talking to people on my computer in my room, who I’ve met on social media. All day I would be neglecting to talk to my mom who is right outside my room. I might neglect to call my best friend because I’m too busy meeting new people to talk to. Continuing to neglect them would cause me to become distant to people who have done so much for me for people I’ve never even
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