Essay About Social Media Addiction

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Social media is very popular with people of all ages. It has become a massive network in the past few years. It is used for daily life communication, such as calling, texting, weather, etc... People also use it for games and so much more. But sometimes social media is a bad influence. With cyber-bullying being a huge issue, it gives social media a bad reputation more often than not. Recently, I read an article about social media, being as harmful as drugs and alcohol to Millennials. In this article, the writer talks about how “a new addiction has emerged: social media.” They talk about addiction referring to any behavior that is pleasurable and is the only reason to get throughout the day. The article talks about social media being more harmful to younger users than older. A lot of people can differ from that. The article…show more content…
“Depression and loneliness, both of which cause or effect of social media addiction.” This article might state the fact that someone uses social media a lot in their daily life. However, another article talks about how “If you were to connect, in real life, with as many folks as you can connect with through the internet, the outcome would be disastrous.” Personally, I agree with that; it is a lot easier to communicate with social media than real life. It also talks about how people have insecurities in real life, and when they are on social media, they don’t have to care about them. “Being a person means wearing a mask. Even the word is derived from the Etruscan word "phersu," which means mask. Real life interactions require you to wear different masks. You can’t interact or connect with other human beings, in real life, without wearing some sort of mask.” the article also says, “All of those masks, those insecurities and almost all social class distinctions go away when socializing through Twitter, Facebook, or Skype.” I feel that this opinion makes more sense than calling it an
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