Police Role In Law Enforcement

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The Law Enforcement Police Officers are there to protect American law enforcement personal investigation and prosecution arising from conduct during official performance of their duties, and provides them with privileges based on due process additional to those normally provide to other citizens (Bill Of Rights). Police Officers train hard everyday to put their lives on the line to protect the ones who need it the most and people don’t recognize how much work they do and stress they go through when their job is very dangerous. And even when police officers are off duty they do their most to protect the community and their love ones at all times. And a lot of people do not see Police Officers as good people when they do their job. And from a…show more content…
But a lot of the cases also depend on if the witness was in the situation of any type of case, and when the police officers do their job their is always gonna be that one person try to defend themselves in any way as they can. But police officers put in maximum work and try to defend the civilians and let the criminals know that what they do isn’t a good influences for others because once that person feels like he/she haves all of the power in the world for doing whatever they want and they think they can get away from it, but the thing is some people have the mindset to protect others even if they aren’t Police Officers at the sametime, meaning that just because you see a man or a woman walking around with a Badge and a armed weapon they take over the city that they represent, and at the same time a lot of people have the same mindset as the police officers which is a bad thing but at the same time at least you know that the civilians have someone to look up too when they need advice to get better at something from a experience from the ones who live that life already and the ones who go through all of this pain to become the man or woman they are today and, a lot of people respect the way that they do their job in any city that they represent at all…show more content…
And there are good cops out there and i respect everything that they have done for the community, you have cops riding around in their cars showing love to kids and families that they don’t even know but it’s called respect and they wanna tell the world that they are here to protect them and care them and they will sacrifice their lives for them so they can live a healthy joyful life and cops going around giving kids hugs, taking pictures, and even letting them explore the vehicle because they care for the community. And cops giving little kids advice for their future to don’t do the horrible things they see happening in the streets these days and the cops want to kids and the families to have a positive mindset through their lifeline and to stay away from all of the trouble and when the trouble is there the cops are there to solve the problem and cops and the cops will use all of their power to figure something out to figure out the situation.

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