Social Networking Is Bad For Students Essay

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According to Statista, in the United States about 185 million people use social networking sites and by 2020, the number might increase to about 200 million people. Social networking sites allow people from all over the world to share thoughts, pictures, videos, messages, like and comment on photos, and direct message each other. Some examples of social networking sites are Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Recently, as social networking has become an essential part to many people’s lives, people have been saying that it is bad for middle school students because it can lead to stress and offline relationship problems, cause people to spend less time interacting face-to-face, and enables cheating in school. One reason social networking is bad for students is because, it can lead to stress and offline relationship problems. There are several ways why someone can get stress, but what usually causes these problems are the fear of missing out. This usually causes that person to become a heavy social media user. A survey done by Australian Psychological Society states that the fear of missing out on something (FOMO), such as a group of people's parties', jokes, and overall fun, can lead to depression and higher anxiety levels. Therefore, social networking…show more content…
The fear of missing out on parties, jokes, and overall fun are usually causes of depression and anxiety. Secondly, teens and people and general tend to have less face-to-face interaction because of social networking. Lastly, because of social networking many students are more open and it is easier to cheat. Overall, there are many reasons why social networking sites are unnecessary for middle school students and if somebody were to use social networking, they should have permission from their parent/guardian and be used

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