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Nasty School Lunches The school cafeterias lunch is safe to be enjoying? The reasons are that more than forty four percent lunches are thrown away. The kids don't approve of the lunches and prefer skipping lunch instead of eating. The schools are losing a lot of money because kids don't eat the food. The school lunches are horrible. Is that kids don't like the food the cafeteria are feeding us. According to Fox news this says “school lunches are gross and nutrition. This means they did study on kids food and sixty eight percent of kids eat home packed lunches and says kids would prefer home meals.” What Juliet was saying here is that the kids don't really enjoy school lunches very well. “She said The school lunches are bad”. She talked to the school principal. The principal said “we need better menus to suit the kids” Another important observation is Michelle Obama is trying to improve the lunches. She said “the students are like our children and we…show more content…
As has made clear in the New York times times say “the kids drink more sugary milk than this and candy has they also say that “ forty percent of kid become obese eating the school lunches. kids are getting unhealthy eating the food they school is giving them and explains that kids are overweight. In the fat free obesity they say “each day thirty million kids who eat the school lunches get fat from those lunches”. The essence of school lunches is that kids are getting sick of the lunches the schools are serving. Of course, it is possible to disagree with the view that school lunches are giving less choices and less fruits and vegetables plus there are lots of unhealthy foods. however the weight of the evidence is on the other side we must remember is kids do like it because of the junk food that is being giving. This is fundamentally why the school lunches taste and smell

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