Why Do We Have The Right To Choose Liquor Searches In Schools?

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Principals at schools randomly conducting locker searches, has become a large controversy nationwide. Most people, including principals, teachers, and parents, think that a principal should be able to conduct random locker searches without notifying the students. The other side, which mostly consists of students, thinks random locker searches are a bad idea. I agree with the adults, and I think there should be random locker searches conducted throughout the year. I mainly think this, because random locker searches could help find weapons and drugs before they harm somebody and the searches will create a safer environment in schools. My first and main reason, if there are random locker searches, students who have something bad in their locker, like weapons or drugs, will not know to take it out of their locker. If you tell a student that a locker search is going to be conducted, and they have something hidden in their locker, they will take it out so you will not be able to find it. If you randomly search lockers, you can find and confiscate…show more content…
Another option would be to tell the students that you are going to search the lockers right before you do it. After you told them, any student that tells you not to search theirs, or that you should not be searching lockers, would seem suspicious and you could search their locker first. This would seem suspicious, because they are telling you not to search their locker, and most likely have something that they do not want to be found. Teens estimate that 17% of classmates use drugs, drink or smoke during the school day (FitzGerald) and 60% of high school students and 32% of middle school students say students keep, use or sell drugs on their school grounds (FitzGerald). Locker searches will help find out who these students are, and schools will become closer to being drug

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