Students Should Not Be Paid For Good Grades Essay

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“Do I get a prize for going to school?” asked a student from Vons Middle School. “ You can get a prize, but only if you get good grades,” answers the student’s parents. Students usually get prizes for good grades but what the parent doesn’t know is that paying a child can lead to some serious problems. Some of the reasons why students should not be paid for good grades is because they lack of motivation. Another reason is because they tend to cheat. Lastly, paying students will only help in the short run not the long run. Paying students is a horrible idea because it takes the motivation of learning from a student, they can cheat, and it only helps in the short run. First of all, students should not be paid for good grades because they can lose their motivation to learn. Edward Deci says, “Most children are by nature motivated to learn,”. This can lead to no interest in learning. The effect of this is the child not paying attention in class. After not paying attention in class they don’t know what to do. When they don’t know what to do they tend to not do the assignment or turn the assignment in late but turning it in late or not doing it can lead to bad scores. If you have bad scores you can get held back or it can be hard for you to get accepted into really great schools. To…show more content…
“... including pressure to inflate grades,” the N.E.A claims. This can lead to feeling guilty or getting caught cheating. The effect of cheating is sometimes getting caught and if you get caught you can get a zero. If you get a zero it can bring down your grade and you can lose your prize. You can also feel guilty and there’s a possibility that you are tempted to tell the person that you sorry and you cheated off of them. After that, the person can tell the teacher and the teacher will give you a zero on that test or assignment. In summary students are tempted to cheat off of

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