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2.0 Literature Review of E-commerce The literature review will be based on e-commerce as a whole and as you go further in the literature review, you’d find more detailed review on mobile commerce and smart phone consumer behavior in relation mainly with businesses and then look into elements like entertainment, research and studies, and many other elements of e-commerce. E-Commerce Selling and purchasing transaction via internet is what classified as e-commerce. E-commerce involves marketing, sales, and distribution aspects of business in a trading process between an individual and a business organization. The fast developments of businesses these days are trending on e-commerce aspects. One of the proofs is that many businesses or it is…show more content…
Business firms operate their business to another business firms via internet (online transactions) is what explains B2B. B2B is said to be the one stop online store website to buyers which gives the access to consumers to have choices on their preferences. These transactions are operated without the two parties engaging with each other in sales to consumers. B2B has more expectation as time passes where those engaged in B2B are expected to be more user-friendly in terms of their website page in order to enhance their sales and reputation and to have a healthy competition with their competitors. Internet allows business to business organizations to connect with other firms and from time to time they are able to improve in the terms of service quality, product quality, and efficiency in all aspects with current or cost minimization. B2B has to be more focused on the direct relationships with other firms, the business growth and their efficiency in the operational activities. As they are directly connected to the distributors and the buyers, the organization has the chances to develop its image and better relationships with all parties smoothest their business operations. When the customers are interacting with sellers via internet, the brand loyalty towards the seller helps to maintain current buyers and attracts new ones. The volume and…show more content…
B2C firms are now expanding online via internet through mobile commerce in the markets. The payments options has enhanced to very wide options which can be done via Maybank2u, Cimbclicks, PayPal and credit cards. Somehow, B2C has contributed to logistics industry and courier services. Most of the well-known brands are now engaging into the international market. One of the most emerged markets of business to consumer is China and India. Direct consumers finds it to be more effective and efficient when it comes to online purchasing as it saves time rather than going to the physical stores. However, consumers will lose the physical touch experience of the goods and would not be able to see actual condition of the goods available in online

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