Four Day School Week

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Four-Day School Week I do not think that we should have a four day school week because of many reasons. There are many problems and it will not benefit the school resources that much. Sometimes people have things to do so I do not think that we should have a four day school week. We would have to go to school for ten hours! Then hours is a long time and sometimes people have things to do. Here are some example on why we should not have a four day school week, and why it would not benefit the school so much as they expect it. The first reason on why we should not have a ten hour school day is because, the students. The students cannot do all of this work and it would be hard on us. Of course we get longer breaks and it would just suck to have a ten hour school day. It will put a lot more stress on the students also. School is stressful and it would create a lot of break downs. It will also make the students working hours a lot worse and they could not make that much money. This would be hard on the students in many ways, and a lot more ways than I explained.…show more content…
We already have enough homework and it would be harder on us to take away the time we have to do it. Us students usually stay up at least till midnight doing homework and we barely get enough sleep for school the next day. If we get out by five-thirty. That just means we have to stay up and have a lot less sleep then we already have. It would be terrible because if we have less sleep, we will sleep in class and especially now that they want to make it a ten hour school day. As you can clearly see, this would be a terrible

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