Why Kids Should Not Be Required To Wear Uniforms

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Public school students should not be required to wear school uniforms. Each and every student has the right to be able to express themselves. With school uniforms, kids feel unimportant and like they can’t be their own person. Uniforms are a way to keep the kids from showing off their true personality and individuality. Showing off the way they dress, or talk is a way of expressing oneself while growing up. Growing up is a part of life, and a part of growing up is getting to find yourself. Although while school kids change the way they see things at least a dozen times. With uniforms, kids are limited to the ability to be themselves. Think about the kids to young enough to not understand what the difference in people is if all they can see is the same colored uniforms and different…show more content…
Statistics show that for the average price of uniforms run at two-hundred and forty nine dollars. It’s easier for parents to buy simple cheaper clothes at a place like Walmart that kids love to wear. Why subject kids to the idea that every single person should be the same as them? Uniforms are always in the strange color that doesn’t look good on any person. Any child from the ages of seven to eighteen understand the difference in people and it can be harmful to the child's mind if limited to options of possibility in more than one way. Why have uniforms become one of the most fought topics throughout the United States? Is what kids wear to school really one of the most important part of their education? At my high school our principal seemed to care more about what us females wore rather than what we were learning. It came to the point where anything was pretty much banned. From skinny jeans to tank tops. That if a teacher even got a glimpse of your bra strap it was over for you, you were sent home. But if a bra wasn’t being warn it was the same

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