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“Show me Yours” by Richard Van Camp narrates the promising and apparent upturned in life experienced by Richard, a middle-aged man who at the beginning has experienced a nadir in his life caused by addiction issues and harmful friendships. After a bad night, by mere randomness, he decides to glue a found baby picture of him to his grandparent saint’s necklace and wears it under his shirt. Abruptly, the baby picture necklace becomes a trend in his community and seems to encourage care and positivism around the participants of the furor. Richard, who starts experiencing acceptance and recognition around the locality also reunites with an old love, Shawna, with whom he spends the night and appears to bring more hope to Richard’s situation. At…show more content…
Richard appears to evolve from his initial condition throughout the story following the constructive reactions from his community, and close to the end, the introduction of Shawna, reaching an ostensible stability. Therefore, the main character is dynamic, he suffers a complete shift in his behavior that is clearly portrayed in the way he narrates his experiences with his friends and Shawna. Richard illustrates himself in different circumstances that give the reader different sides to his current life. He is an addict; however, he does not fulfill all the stereotypes of one, he is also browbeaten, which seems to be normal in his current life because of the way he expresses the event in which he is being robbed. Nevertheless, the reader sees him as a friend and a lover once the melioration begins. Because of this, his development as a character is round, he is battling in some of his sides as narrated during the introduction, though, he starts to find relief in some of his others. The beneficial development on Richard as the story moves forward supports the story’s…show more content…
Because of the short time in which she emerges and interferes, the narration does not express her as a character changing in any way, she is just there to impact in Richard’s life, because of that, she is a static character. In the same way, because of her limited appearance only presents her as Richard’s lover, she is contained as a flat character. In the end, when the story prevails open to one’s conclusion, anyone can attribute a happy or sad ending for Richard and Shawna’s relationship, in those hypothetical resolutions, there can be a round or even dynamic Shawna which is only real to the reader’s own

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