Why Do Kids Get Stressed About Grades

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Middle school students tend to get very stressed about their grades. When they have a big test or big assignment that is due, they get worried that they are going to do bad and they get stressed. When this happens kids get so stressed out that they can’t focus in other classes because they are thinking about their grades or their assignments. For example, Brayden Mau, a 14 year old student from JRG Middle School, states, “We just finished a paper about refugees in Language Arts and I was so stressed about the paper, I couldn’t focus during other classes because I was thinking about the paper and how I would do on it.” Brayden also says, “When my teacher called my name to go and get my paper, my hands were sweating so badly I had to wipe them…show more content…
When asked why kids get stressed about grades Kendall Diedrick said “If you forget to turn something in it can turn your grade bad in a very short amount of time, which can be very stressful” This shows that kids stress about grades when they care about them because the only way that someone would get stressed about a grade being so low is if they care about their grades. An example of this happening is an eighth grader from JRG Middle School had an A+ in Game Design and then that student forgot to turn in an assignment in that class and it dropped his grade all the way down to a 69% which is a C-. This was very stressful for the kid because he knew that he should be doing good in a class as easy as game design. Another piece of evidence that shows that kids get stressed about grades is when asked what is the most stressful thing about grades is, Josh Schreiber said “Grades can cause stress when they get really low because they are hard to bring back up” This shows that kids get stressed over grades because they know that if they don’t do good on one assignment it can be nearly impossible to fix and bring back up to a good grade. This can make kids stressed because they want to do good in all of their
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