Why Is Critical Thinking Important In Nursing

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Critical thinking skills are necessary to the nursing profession because this profession is humanity and nurses deal with human. Nurses also should have experience and professional skills about this profession because nursing profession is one of the significant branches of science. Critical thinking comes from faculties through course whether in class or outside class. I believe critical thinking depends on the person because each person or student has special memory and thinking. If the student has capacity to think, he/she can acquire critical thinking. However, some students have critical thinking without support or help from others like, intelligent students. It comes from many thinks, for instance listening, reading, writing, and speaking. If the student focus on the topic or has ability to read, he/she can obtain critical thinking. Critical thinking also comes during practical, for example application during hospital and case study.…show more content…
Students cannot write many papers by their experience because papers need new resources from different books or articles. When students search for articles and books, they will acquire critical thinking. This is because; each article or book has new idea and new information about subject. In this case, students can progress their skills via that concepts, for example new vocabularies, new quotations, and new opinions. During writing papers, students have to think more and seeking about something new to add for papers. Students also can make comparison between their concepts or experiences with other people have different opinions. In this case, students can collect all that information and earn new critical thinking via those concepts. Students can acquire great information by depth information during writing

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