Why Is Baseball Important To Me Today

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Truth Statement: Through all my years of playing baseball , I was able to grow as a intelligent and hard working ball player I am Today. In Life I have struggled and achieved to be the best person I can be. Many things happened for a reason and I'm just focusing to be someone "Big" One day to make my family Proud. I'm different from most people I know because I'm dedicated to playing Baseball. Mostly the other people I know either don't care about the game or they quit. I been playing baseball since I was 5 years old , and I'm still playing still this day. Most people think that baseball is the easiest sport because they think you only have to catch and hit a ball. Baseball is not all about that , it's about being athletic and having good throwing and hitting mechanics. You tell me if you can react and hit a 90 mph fastball in 0.4 seconds easily, by the time you blink the ball will be in the catcher's mitt already. Also tell me if it's easy to get your arm stronger to throw so that when you get a ground ball , you can release it quick out your hands and throw it hard to first to get someone out who runs fast.…show more content…
Some People Talk smack to others on the field , while I let the bat do the talking . I focus on becoming a better player than I was yesterday. Most people Don't practice as much as I do , I practice to be better than others. For me to make this happen I need to work hard in the classroom so that I can work hard on the field also. In class I need to focus and stay on task so that I can work hard on the baseball diamond and focus on my goals. In Baseball you gotta earn a starting spot on the team just like any other sport. Every single person who is working hard is trying to take your spot , so that means you gotta work even more harder than the other

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