Personal Narrative: My Dream Of Studying In Japan

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You know, I always have this dream of studying in Japan. Why Japan you might ask? Ever since I was a kid, I always watch anime every time I have nothing to do. I have been doing that for 6 to 7 years I guess. As I grew up, I took interest in their language, their culture, not that I know much about their culture, but I want to learn though, part of the reason why I want to study there. And what better year to start other than high school right? When youth reached its peak. Everyone around me always said that, three years of high school is the best three years of your life, so don’t waste it. My parents are both successful, and I’m an only child so I always got what I wanted. As soon as I finished Middle school, I went to learn Japanese for…show more content…
A cute one that is, then again, so far, the girls I see are all cute. Weird, but awesome. Eventually the gathering ends. We go back the same way we came from, returning to our class. As I sit on my chair, I realize that Ryu and Miura sat near me. Miura in front of me and Ryu besides me. Maybe that’s why they chose to talk to me so early. Right after the last student came in, Mr. Nakamura walks in. “I have been informed that there are no class today. As of the schedule, I believe each and every one of you already has one. You are free to do as you like today, you can look around the school and check out every club out there. Some are already open for recruitment, but some are not, so if the club of your choice is not yet recruiting, please be patient and don’t bother the faculty staffs about it.” That last line was said with a serious tone that I believe if we do exactly that, we are going straight to detention. Luckily I have no intention to find out. As I stand up, Miura ask me what my plan is for today. I told him I’m just going to look around. I ask him the same question, but Ryu answered instead of Miura. “he told me to accompany him trying to pick up girls. He’s been like this since middle

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