Feminsit Theory: Analysis Of Rural Communities

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This paper is of particular interest to me for both personal and academic reasons. I say this because a lot of what this prompt relys on is an investigation into the politics of location and an analysis of how rural communities differ from metropolitan communities. Then you must ask yourself why is there this vast difference? This is an issue I've looked into in more detail for other classes, making it of particular academic interest to me. You see another class I'm taking this semester, ENGS 281: Feminsit Theory, looks into this issue and how it pertains to Queer Theory. Judith Halberstam, author of this article "The Brandon Archive," makes the claim that rural communities tend to be more narrow-minded (especially towards acceptance of gays and lesbians), which is why many gay, lesbian, or transgenered people often move to a metropolitan area to come out and then move back to their rural hometown. While I somewhat agree with Halberstam here, I can't say that she has me totally sold. But this is not important. What's important is to understand how all of this relates to the "Yankee Vermonter," whom we are trying to define. I bring in "The Brandon Archive" to my discussion of the "Yankee Vermonter" becasue I think that Halberstam's commentary on rural communities is interesting and thought-provoking, even if it may be a little misunderstood and somewhat (for some) offensive.…show more content…
And this is something we definitely need to consider when trying to define the "Yankee

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