How To Have Dinner With Walter Mitty

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Dinner with Walter Mitty In the short story by James Thurber, Walter Mitty is the main character. I think that Walter Mitty would be a bad dinner guest. He daydreams, he is not a good listener, and he tends to get off topic. Walter would not carry on a conversation and it would be one sided for the most part. I think it would be boring and very awkward to talk with him. Clearly, Walter Mitty would be a bad dinner guests for several obvious reasons. To start off, Walter is a bad daydreamer. He wouldn’t really pay attention because he is getting distracted and staring off into space. He gets spacey and doesn’t listen to what you are talking about. There would also be awkward stares with you and him. He will be daydreaming so he doesn’t know he is staring at you or even staring at all. So obviously, with Walter as a dinner guest, it would be boring because he won’t pay attention and you would get awkward stares. In like matter, Walter doesn’t listen very well. He also doesn’t speak back, there would be no back and forth conversation. It would mostly be a one sided conversation with just you. Having a conversation with him would be boring and no fun. He doesn’t really talk back and if he does, it is not about what you’re talking about. It would probably end up being off topic If you were to have Walter as a dinner guest , your…show more content…
He doesn’t really even talk, but if he were to chip in with the conversation, it would be off topic. He would only talk about what he wants to talk about and for the most part, it would probably be something about his daydream he is having at that moment in time. Sometimes he might even pretend or act like what he is daydreaming about. That might be kind of embarrassing depending on where you are at. If you are somewhere fancy and he is dreaming about birds, then he might say stuff like birds and act like a bird. So having dinner with Walter Mitty could end up embarrassing and
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