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Everyone has at least one ethnic culture, either coming from where they are or from their past. All people have a history of their family who came before them. I myself do not really know what ethnicities I am but there are a few things I believe describe my cultural identity; food, my family, and sports. All three of these things describe what my life is about and what I have always known. Each of them have played an important role in my life and I’d like to share. Over time, you start to realize the “normal” things keep happening in your family especially like traditions. Every year my family will get together for a cookout or bonfire, which is happening this weekend. Everybody from the Davis side tries their hardest to come. My cousins from Missouri, or others from Ohio. Then also every year there is Christmas, Labor Day, or Fourth of July. My family loves to be around each other, even if it is storming or plan do not go right. The Cooley/Green side…show more content…
My whole life has been filled with sports from the age 3 or so. Growing up watching the Bears and Cubs with my dad was amazing. Both screaming at the T.V. It has been a part of my cultural identity because it is who I am. My dad and I are finally excited this year with the Cubs being good. Most children nowadays are spoiled (not saying I’m not) but in different ways. Both parents will say no to almost anything except equipment for sports. Every Christmas I get football stuff, then birthday is baseball. It is just a cycle that I am used to and gives me expectations of the next holiday. It’s not just that I like watching a sport, but I LOVE to play them. It does not matter what it is, as long as there is physical activity, I’m in. My identity to most I would think would be that athletic guy, who never stops playing. This “trait” I guess you could call it, is from my dad who has taught me everything I

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