College Admissions Essay: My Path To Success

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As the fall baseball season approaches, I sit here with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is tough to say why I still feel this anxious. It has been two years since my last four-year scholarship offer. As I see my former teammates at their four year universities, I get bitter. Here I am at a junior college living at home, while they are off living the college experience. But it is a bitter feeling that reminds me where I was and that motivates me and prepares me for what is ahead. Through everything that has happened I will never forget how it shaped me into who I am and how I live my life today. Rewind to just over a year ago. I was panicking during the last week of my summer season, calling and texting every recruiting coordinator…show more content…
In life the majority of things that occur are so far out of our control it is unreasonable to expect any opportunity to be handed to us, no matter how hard or long we work for it. However, this is not a cop-out to sit back and simply see what happens with our lives. We work to stay ready for opportunities with a positive mindset, and when they are gifted to us, we take full advantage of them. If these opportunities never occur, at least we have the knowledge that we did everything within our control to give us the best opportunity and move on. With signing day right around the corner, I had only one of these opportunities for college baseball. Lawson State Community College offered me a full scholarship. For awhile I had felt embarrassed about the junior college route, but I soon realized how wrong my behavior was. See I chose to go to Lawson. I had applied and been accepted to four year schools and easily could have quit baseball and gone there. I am playing baseball in college. I am on a scholarship. Therefore, in a way, I accomplished my goal. But I get to continue playing the game I love. I have been given a second chance to play the game I cannot live without. I am motivated more than ever now to reach my dream as a division 1

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