Jacob Rodriguez: A Personal Analysis

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Hi, I’m Jacob Rodriguez I’m 6’4 I was born in Rancho Mirage, California. I come from a very athletic family. We’re a family that comprises many generations of big and strong athletes. I’ve played sports all my life, including soccer, basketball and baseball, etc. My father has encouraged me to venture into the world of bodybuilding. When he was younger, he used to spend many hours working out. He was able to squat 1,125 lb, bench 575 lbs, and 1,100 deadlift, That is why I recently decided to follow in his footsteps and got into bodybuilding and Powerlifting. Currently I'm able to squat 505 lbs and Deadlift 410 lbs everyday. Hopefully someday I will surpass my father. My two brothers, one younger, one older are very different, They spend…show more content…
Sports have changed my life and defined me for who I am, I don't think I would have been as Important as I am today. People constantly approach me and ask advice to become similar to me cause how big I am athletic and after years of playing sports and lifting weights. I've become very knowledgeable I might not be as smart as everyone In school, but i believe I’m very knowledgeable than the average person in the gym, I’m smart in my own way I’ve used similar methods from the gym to excel in the classroom and It’s worked well for me and i'm appreciative for the abilities I've acquired over the years. The way I’ve succeed was failing that's the best advice I could give anyone once you feel you understand how you can succeed to conquer and defeat you learn more when you fail than you would when you win you win and, you…show more content…
I’ve followed him many to gain his respect, I’ve became one of the strongest guys in school, I’ve been told that i’m the most muscular guy in school. My talents are having adhd giving me an advantage and working harder and the average person physically stronger and not as easily tired than others. My passions are playing guitar, drawing these are what I how to excel in, i hope to have some mastery in graphic design and guitar playing I’d be pleased to be able to write a song these are the fundamentals that are what defines my character, but the characteristics that one defines me is physical fitness is because I plan to do bodybuilding in the near future to become a sponsored athlete/trainer. Guitar playing i wish to write a song because my older brother used to play awesome music when I was younger and it was very enjoyable I would like to leave something to my future relatives so they can remember me by playing something to remember their ancestors. The reason I wish to keep drawing is because I never want to lose my creativity I wish to preserve it as much as i can before I can’t embrace creativity anymore the characteristics that define you , shouldn't be forgotten, these are things that calm you uniqueness don’t be defined by what you try to pretend to be shown who you really are not what you want to be appeared as this would be considered

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