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Leaning over to tie his shoe laces and put on his jersey to play another game. Willy Artiga runs out to the field to kick a black and white ball into a net to score the winning goal. Artiga’s family is originally from a small country in Central America known as El Salvador. They moved to Houston, Texas to start a better life for their family. His family lived in El Salvador when the country was in a civil war. The soldiers barged into Artiga’s grandparents house and shot his uncle with a machine gun. The soldiers left his uncle there and threatened the rest of his family they would be next if they did not leave the country. His family came to America to start a new life. Artiga was born in Houston, Texas when his parents were in poverty. They had to live in a small apartment with a family they did not know and there was barley any room.…show more content…
That was the only money the family made for years. He said his mom cleaned houses for awhile, but quit to take care of the family at home. “My dad had it rougher then my mom when I was growing up,” Artiga said. “My grandmother has never worked and paternal grandfather never made it to the states, so my dad stayed with him in El Salvador until he passed.” His father was the last one to make it to the states. Artiga and his mother would send Christmas cards to his father every year with a picture of them inside. They only saw his dad twice a year until his grandfather passed away. “My dad would never let us come visit,” Artiga said. “El Salvador is a very dangerous

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