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If you could ever change the meaning of concepts, how would you change it? Will you change it to become a more powerful idea? Will this new definition satisfy other people’s point of view of “concepts”? Concepts in a dictionary mean less than how it can really be defined. “An abstract idea; a general notion.” “A plan or intention; a conception.” “An idea or invention to help sell or publicize a commodity.” (Dictionary). These definitions are contained between their own significance, but there is still many ways to change their definition. Add upon a person’s own point of view on concepts, he may think he is right, but in fact he is wrong. Another person will think a better idea, but still he is wrong. Everyone is wrong! Concepts are changed…show more content…
Couple years ago concepts were living between us differently as how they live with us today. A kid would stay home playing with his toys instead of staying home using an android or apple device to play or even be on social network pages. The concept of a kid to a father was buy him some toys to play, but today the concept is buy him a smart device so he can play with it. This concept as others have changed, now we do not have past perspectives, so we use modern perspectives that have drastically evolved past concepts. “It is generally assumed today that the modern family has undergone significant transformations in its structure.”(Nam) As Nam explains in his research all of the modern families use today’s modern concept of family rather than 10 years ago concept of…show more content…
When a topic is being discussed, a person will argue the topic within his own cultural learnings. If the topic does not connect with this person's culture, he\she will argue the topic trying to connect to his understandings, rather than paying attention to what others think about this topic. “My mind is my own, my opinions are chosen by me, I am free to do as I will, and at the worst the pressures on me are economic, that is, I may be too poor to do as I want.” (Lessing 644)Lessing’s idea generally implies that, a person’s opinion is made by only that person no one can change the opinion. It has a basic touch to concepts of how others see concepts as they

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