The LBGT Movement

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LBGT On The Move ~The issue on gay rights has been a controversy discussed by American’s for decades. It took American’s about 45 years to accept the LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transsexual) movement. Debates on this topic included the American political culture, dilemmas of democracy, the constitution, federalism, civil liberties, as well as civil rights. To conduct new rules and change certain rights for specific couples, did not intrigue American’s. Allowing for different political views and democracy views to affect the LBGT movement. ~The political culture was the main problem in this act. Having to consider American’s attitude, their moral judgement, beliefs, and opinion will soon be a backbreaker for all of the branches researching…show more content…
They tried to leave it up to the states but that was not favoring the rights we have in our constitution as we all have a say on the case, the states were trying to prevent putting the nation under one power. Once president Obama finally accepted the gay right movement on 2012 that is when this federal problem started to cool down and were off, know and day’s federalism is not a problem. I think the states handled the federalism point of view very smoothly in this…show more content…
It was not a simple and easy case to get out of the way we had to put inconsideration other states, government, as well as other citizen’s thoughts on this movement. Going through political cultures and certain myth, belief’s, and attitudes was one that had to be looked into and investigated just to figure out the right agreement . The constitution helped out the problem with the political culture, the government cannot force one religion so when it comes down to religion and belief’s that should not matter they had to keep that out of the argument based off what our founding father wrote on the constitution. The federalism was just there to help out guide this case throw the whole process helping out with our civil liberties and civil right. Going through this process they had to be carful to not allow any certain beliefs and make sure that none of the amendments and certain right that a citizen has did not get over ruled or put aside. This case had to be handled with patience and an open mind on a different set of people, but with all that time and hard work they put in to it the LBGT movement got passed and

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