The American Dream In The 1950's

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The Question: When our society talks about "The American Dream," what do we mean? What are the key aspects of the American Dream today and where did they come from? How is this definition reflected in the various texts we have read and discussed in class? Use at least three texts to support your ideas of which at least one must be a poem. The ideology of the American Dream represents what the individual American citizen desires to accomplish with the given opportunities. Through history repeats itself, times are constantly changing, and as a result, the 1950’s has its own independent definition of the “American Dream”. By looking at the 1950’s era from government to pop culture and technology it is apparent that the american dream has had…show more content…
The American dream is a tempting idea, but it is impossible to reach if there is no freedom offered. America has a capitalistic economy, “a system in which a small group of people control large amounts of money or capital to make the most important economic decision” and it offers freedom, something that isn’t always offered in other countries. For example, Americans believed that communism was the number one threat to the United States and America wanted to protect, support and promote places with similar capitalist views and bring down places that were communist. “Communism is a global threat. Its successful advancement in one sector, threatens the destruction of every other sector. In the 50’s America wanted to defend South Korea from the communist…show more content…
The inventions of this time period helped expand and reform what people thought of as the American Dream. The invention of the ultrasound helped in the advancements of medicine, along with the birth control pill in 1957, which assisted with the management of population growth. What people define as the American Dream today is said to be a white picket or a life with happiness or family or love but these ideas would have not formed without the help of the technology during this time. The family aspect of the American Dream was evolved with the invention of tv dinners and colored tv and the help of the microwave ovens,that led to more family time and activities at home. Inventions such as the pacemaker invented by Wilson Greatbatch and the three point seat belt supported the idea of allow life to be longer than a statistical during the 1950’s .The way we define the American Dream has been improved by the means of technology which in the process reformed and changed the shape of the lifestyle of an American. The definition if the dream itself varies as there is a difference in the person’s background weather it be a different

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