Personal Narrative Essay

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I sat on the stool, shaking as I waited for the teacher to call my name. She was preparing to hand back the first test the class wrote. The class was silent, save the sound of stools rocking back and forth against the cold tiled floor. Everyone was squirming in the seats, everyone except my friend. He sat completely still. Everyone else’s eyes were pinned to the envelope the teacher just took out containing the tests, everyone’s eyes except my friend’s. My friend looked up at the ceiling. He found the uneven stucco on the crumbling ceiling tiles more interesting than the anticipation of getting a test back. Why is he not shaking? Is he not afraid of the mark he will get on the test? Is he not scared of the effect this may have on his final mark? Is he just uninterested? Before I had a chance to ask him, the teacher called his name. He came back to his seat with test in hand. He took a…show more content…
“Good enough,” he replied. “What did you get?” I asked. He said in an annoyed manner, “I didn’t look, besides I don’t really care.” This was very typical of him. He did not like to talk about marks. Instead, he loved to talk about sports. Whenever there was a soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey or football game, he made sure I knew about it. He constantly tried to get me interested. I never understood why he did not enjoy talking about marks especially because I found great comfort in doing just that. “Why do you care so much about marks?” he asked. “Isn’t the point of getting a test back to see how you can improve from your mistakes? Beside, one test won’t determine your life.” I thought to myself, this one test will not determine my life. If not, then what will? I noticed something quite odd about him. Actually, I noticed it from when I first met him years ago. My friend, he was not the brightest student in the class, but what he lacked in academics he made up for elsewhere. He was tall. He was built. He was handsome. He was the typical high school

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