Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades Essay

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“ Why do we have to go to school,” this is the same question that I asked my parent very often. The one and only answer that they always gave me were, “ Because it’s your job.” Therefore, if that’s true, shouldn’t students be paid for doing their job? If schools truly want students to be motivated to do well in school, then the schools should be willing to pay the student for their excellent work. Why should students get paid for their superb grade? There are many positive effects of paying students for good grades. From better graduation rates, to preparing the student for the real world, to raising test scores, there are many positive effects of paying student for their hard work. To begin with, student should be paid for their excellent grades, as a result of increase in graduation rates. John Hopkins university (Wallace) quote, “There is also a significant decrease in dropout rate when student are paid for good grade.” This means if students feel valued for the hard work they do in school, they will be more likely to attend classes. Moreover, If they attend classes, they will feel more connects to the school, and learn more about the subjects they are studying. If they’re learning more their grades will go up, and more students will be able to graduate at the end of their senior years. Cleary paying students for their…show more content…
Consequently, when considering the choice of pay student for good grade or not to offer them fair pay, the choice should definitely be, pay student for good grades. Paying student will lead to, increasing in graduation rates, understand why they need to work hard in life and not giving up, and lastly, student will get better test scores. Student have many talents, but earn nothing in return. It would benefit so many people to have the student be paid for their effort. Paying student help with their scores, attendance, and learning. Moreover, paying student can help the nation’s

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