Short Biography: Knute Rockne: The Head Coach

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Knute Rockne was born in the year of 1888 on March the 4th He lived in Norway, Voss Norway to be exact he later moved and immigrated to the united states and live in chicago. Where he lived in chicago he learned how to play football and fell in love with it addicted to it he was just an athlete period because he also was a track fanatic as well. Rockne was such a fanatic that he would skip class to practice his skills, eventually he got caught and the school expelled him and he had to find another high school to attend. Even though rockne was phenomenal in both subjects math and history, he could not seem to find the money to enroll into college and dropped out before becoming a graduate. Seem strange that he would drop out a few months before graduation but he did in the year of…show more content…
Head coach at that time was named Jesse harper and when jesse retired that's when Rockne great coaching career took off. Harper retired in the year of 1917 and 1918 Rockne was the head coach. The upcoming season of Rockne becoming the head coach was fantastic I would say, first year of being a head coach not only was he a coach he was also a natural for the game and knew legal ways to do things in the game of football that no one has ever seen. Rockne first year changed the whole football program at Notre Dame, becoming the top ranked coach in intercollegiate football. He really just innovated the game in different ways it's really mind blowing if you ask me Rockne would take the team across the country and face teams that are way better than them why did he do that you ask? Because he wanted to be the best team he wanted to get better as both a coach and as a

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