Should Student Athletes Get Paid

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Kelsey Bird RPW Professor Labay 5/2/15 Argumentative Essay Intercollegiate sports have gained immense popularity in the United States over the past few decades. Football, Basketball, and Hockey are among the most popular of the NCAA sports and have not only brought in a surplus of revenue to their Universities but they have increased the popularity of the College’s reputation as well. With the millions of dollars being brought in to the schools from the sporting events, many people pose an important question. Should NCAA athletes be considered employees, entitled to compensation and benefits as well as an education? Although some people believe that scholarship money is enough of a reward for the athletes, I think they should be entitled…show more content…
These athletes are working hard and bringing in money to the University every day, yet they don’t see any of the money. These athletes are working for the schools and put in more hours weekly than some of the universities full-time employees. It wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere else to not pay someone for the work they are putting forth, so why is it acceptable for these athletes? Some even argue, “College athletes are being exploited by their schools, which make millions of dollars off of intercollegiate athletics” (Should Student-Athletes Get Paid?). Colleges are using these athletes to boost their reputations and bring in revenue while not compensating these athletes for their work. Everywhere else athletes are paid, so why shouldn’t college students too? Some critics may argue that these student-athletes are amateurs, and if paid then are becoming professional athletes. This statement can be easily disproved. Hockey players a part of the AHL (Amateur Hockey League) are considered to be amateurs but are compensated for their…show more content…
“Paying student-athletes would provide athletes an incentive to stay in school and complete their degree programs, instead of leaving early for the professional leagues” (“Should Student-Athletes Get Paid?”). If athletes are paid to play, not only can they receive credit where credit is due, cover some of their college expenses that scholarships couldn’t cover, but also they will want to finish their education and receive their degree. NCAA prides itself on their motto that all student-athletes are “students first and athletes second”, but if this were true then it wouldn't be the popular thing to do for the athletes to leave early for the profession leagues. In college basketball, many freshman stars are referred to as “one and done” players. They complete one year of college and move on to the professional leagues early. Most of them do this because they want money and need it as soon as possible. The importance of their education is lost. The universities and the NCAA seems to be hypocritical in its actions when it doesn’t pay its athletes, because it makes it seem like they support college athletes leaving for the professional league early. According to the article “Should Student-Athletes Get Paid?,” “A university’s primary objective is to provide its students with a

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