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The phrase “School is not for me” is always blatantly miss used. High school students say it when they fail a test, College students use it when they're deep in debt, and drop outs say it as an excuse for doing just that, dropping out. I do believe school is not for everyone but it depends on your circumstance to whether or not you can make that claim correctly. Some people are born naturally with a outgoing bone in their body and others are not as lucky and either have to build up the confidence or never do. School at this point isn't pleasant anymore for those who don’t fit in and it begins to feel like a dread to even attend school. In this kind of situation I understand why these group of students would choose to not further continue their education because no one wants to be in public surrounded with people who don’t appreciate or acknowledges you.…show more content…
It is hard to do things when you have no money to go to college. Being born rich you have so many privileges that go un used because you feel like why should you attend school if you’re going to buy your way to the top anyways. When you’re barely making ends meet its different because you tend to cherish the little things in life and when you cant afford to do something it never pops in your head, like college. Family problems have had a big effect on reasons why furthering your education isn't even a option. There are many financial help out there but if your family has a mind set of school is not important then you wont go out there to look for it and believe that it isn't for

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